The Scoliosis issue in Adults

Characteristics of scoliosis

The main features of scoliosis are postural or shape deviations of the spine:

  • Posture deviation: functional and therefore correctable by active muscle function or correction of leg length difference.
  • Formal deviation: structural and therefore not correctable.

In kyphosis, the spine is bent too much in side view. If the kyphosis is structural, further inspection is necessary.

At an older age

Scoliosis can be the result of osteoarthritis or trauma and this form is mainly seen in old age.

In this case, back pain is the main symptom, but radiation pain in the legs (sciatica) can also occur.


Here you will find a number of possible treatments for this condition. After diagnosis, your doctor, together with you and the other doctors on the team, will choose the best solution for you. Your treatment may therefore deviate from the therapy (s) proposed below.

  • Scoliosis fusion, a procedure in which the curves of the spine are restored and stabilized as much as possible by means of implants.
  • If scoliosis in the elderly mainly focuses on radiation pain in one or both legs, one of the following treatments can help.
    • Infiltration, a targeted injection

Investigations and diagnosis

In case of (suspected) this condition, we perform one or more investigations.